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Kamputer and internet Well and where without it:)

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The general discussions on a theme of modern technologies (by the way not only computer, but also as a whole cellular telephones, home appliances etc.)at whom what internet: lan, dsl, both other... advantages and minuses, questions and answers, news.
  It is grumbled on themes
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Hi-Tech News
Of news from the world of modern technologies.
Happiness Sony ericson k800i, a little bit...
Magnetic Induction
11.03.2010 00:55 To last message
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That. help
For those who only has started to master the computer and the internet. ask any questions, we will search for answers together! the main thing remember: there are no silly questions - there are silly answers!
Starforce. to bypass protection?
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The software, search, questions and answers, problems and councils...
Exclamation Photoshop
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Operating systems
The choice, discussions, councils, installation, adjustment, the decision of problems.
  That is in vista that is not present in...
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Html, perl, php, javascript, /c ++, pascal, delphi, vb etc.
Exclamation Pascal
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Creation and promotion of sites. councils, an exchange of experience.
Please tell as. .
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Sites and forums
Advertising and discussion of our personal sites and forums.
  Come on forum
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