Megaphone 118881
Dontelekom 18530
Of bilajngsm 16045

The instruction on sending of sms

1. "operator" Of the cellular operator necessary to you, thus in line "the network code" Will appear +7928 For "Megaphone", +7902 For "Dontelekom" +7903 For "Of bilajngsm"

2. "number" Enter 7-unit federal number of the addressee of sms

At sending on city number it is necessary to type:

"Megaphone" - 2 6-unit city number (2)
"Dontelekom" - 45 5 Last figures of city number (45)
"Of bilajngsm" - 401 4 Last figures of city number (401)

3. "the letter text" Enter Russian Or English Language. under an input window the information on quantity of the remained symbols takes place.

4. "signature" Enter

5. To "send" Will appear "thanks, to close a window"

6. SMS- To "clear"

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